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Project Overview

Henry Boot aimed to change its workspace to support growth and reach net zero carbon by 2030. We worked closely with Henry Boot and Incognito, who created the initial brief and design. Our team supported the design with tours and workshops to ensure every detail was planned.

Design and Execution

Our role as the delivery partner involved transforming 12,800 sq. ft. across three floors of the Isaacs Building. Key features of the Henry Boot Sheffield office include:

Agile Workspaces:

Open-plan desks, agile tables, meeting rooms, quiet pods, and social areas cater to different working styles and tasks.

Architectural Staircase:

A striking oak laminate staircase improves connectivity and communication between floors. It adds a central feature to the office.

High-Quality Finishes:

The office boasts stunning lighting, herringbone flooring, bespoke joinery, and luxury furniture. A bold yet classic colour palette of black, greys, blues, and purples creates an inspiring environment.
henry boot Sustainable office design by ADT Workplace

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability was key to this project. The office is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 79% compared to the former head office. We used environmentally friendly and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Intelligent LED lighting and natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows enhance energy efficiency. The design and construction aimed to minimise waste and reduce embodied carbon.

A sustainable office design for Henry Boot in Manchester

Additional Features

The new office offers several modern amenities:

Modern Kitchen and Social Areas:

Equipped with the latest technology and designed for comfort.

Collaboration Zones:

These areas encourage teamwork and innovation.

Wellbeing Focus:

Features such as cycle storage, changing facilities, and shower rooms support employee wellbeing.
henry boot workplace Modern office fit-out by ADT Workplace

Connectivity and Location

Located in the Heart of the City development in Sheffield, the office provides easy access to transport links. It is a four-minute walk to Victoria Station. The Isaacs Building’s design offers stunning views of the cathedral and river, enhancing the office environment.
Henry boot office space in Sheffield by ADT Workplace

Client Testimonial

Tim Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of Henry Boot, commented: “As a business with over 137 years of history, we understand the importance of adapting and evolving. Our relocation epitomises this forward-thinking approach. We’re excited to have a new home that will help us achieve our goals of net zero by 2030 and empower our people to be happier, healthier, and more successful in their work.”

Design Excellence Award Nomination

The Henry Boot Sheffield office transformation project has been shortlisted for the Design Excellence Award at this year’s South Yorkshire Property Awards. This recognition highlights the innovative and sustainable design approach taken by the project team.

List of Partners and Contributors:

The success of the Henry Boot Sheffield office transformation project was made possible by the collaborative efforts of the following partners and contributors: Incognito, ADT Workplace, Henry Boot Group, Arcadis, Anderson Green, Cundall, AVM Solutions, J Carey Design.

This addition showcases the project’s recognition and the key partners involved in its successful execution.

office social space


The Henry Boot Sheffield office transformation project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in creating modern, sustainable workspaces. With the expertise and dedication of our partners and contributors, we were able to successfully deliver a project that not only meets the needs of our clients but also sets a new standard for office design.

We are proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to continuing to create innovative and eco-friendly workspaces for our clients.

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