Workplace Consultancy Services

What is workplace consultancy?

The right workplace strategy has the capability to transform your business – workplace consultancy is the process which will help you define this.

Our process focuses on understanding your business and listening to your people. We then learn about your ways of working and evaluate your current office space and utilisation. 

Our workplace consultants will use these insights and their knowledge to create an informed workplace strategy tailored to your current needs as well as future aspirations. We will provide a solution that both enhances the performance of your people and business, starting from the location of your office and your space requirements to the design and build of that space.

Workplace developed through office space consultancy

Benefits of workplace consultancy


People are your greatest asset. As a 100% employee owned business, we understand this more than most. By investing in a workplace that embodies your company culture, brand and values, and where people will love to work, you can attract and retain the best talent. You can also improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing, and in turn, reduce turnover. 


Understanding how to cater for a range of behaviours, backgrounds and neurodiverse needs is crucial in order to create a work environment that is suitable for everyone. Our workplace consultants can help you provide a community where everyone, regardless of their needs, feels inspired, respected and valued. 


Taking the time to understand what people need to do their best work – from activity settings and wellbeing amenities, to lighting, noise, temperature and tech – can help you streamline processes. This can help improve collaboration and communication, and drive innovation, ultimately impacting overall productivity and performance.


Re-evaluating and defining your office space requirements through workplace consultancy can help rationalise your property needs. We also identify your optimum space requirements, meaning you won’t waste money on unneeded space. Whatever your needs, our experienced workspace consultants will help define a strategy that’s cost effective and right for your business.

Why ADT Workplace?

With decades of combined experience, our team of office design consultants based in Manchester comprises a range of specialists. Between them, they have an enviable track record of creating workplaces with the wow factor for business of all sizes, across a wide range of sectors. 

The team uses the very latest insights and technology to quickly get to the heart of your company. By understanding your people and challenges, they can develop an informed strategy which will help future proof your business and support employees.

Hybrid workplace transformation

Our process


Our team will work with you to understand your business and your people, and learn about how you operate. This involves gathering a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. This includes strategic workshops, employee interviews, wellbeing and inclusivity analysis, space rationalisation, analysing the business structure, and reviewing company goals.


After the process is complete, we analyse the data we have collated and turn it into actionable insights. By using recent data from your business, combined with our knowledge of workplace psychology, space planning, and office design, we can ensure that the recommendations we make will deliver tangible improvements directly aligned with your business’ needs.


Gaining feedback from key stakeholders, including employees, is key to the review process. Once we refine and agree upon a proposed strategy, our workplace consultancy team will work closely with our office interior design consultants and the wider project team to begin your workplace transformation process.

Our awards

Our work

Using the insights and knowledge gained through an in-depth workplace consultancy process, we designed and delivered a data-driven transformational new workplace for Autocab. The unique design supports employees, and is tailored to the organisation’s current and future ambitions.

Where we work

We deliver projects for companies of all sizes across the UK, including but not limited to:

• Manchester

• Birmingham

• Coventry 

• Liverpool

• Leeds

• Newcastle 

• Nottingham 

Reach out to our team for more information on how we can help you define your workplace strategy.

Workplace design consultancy UK


Start by asking yourself if your employees have everything they need to do a good job? Is the office comfortable? Do they have a choice in how/where they work? Is there enough space for everyone? Or too much space? Do you have the right tech in place? Could you be doing more for wellbeing? 

If you need help answering any of these questions then it could be time to talk to a workplace consultant.

It’s about so much more than just design. It’s about culture, wellbeing and sustainability. It’s also about giving people the tools and environment to succeed, not to mention rationalising real estate, reducing operating costs and improving productivity. 

Our workplace design consultants will help define what you need in order to help develop the design brief for you. Our team is there to guide you from the start of the process to the delivery of your office refurbishment.

This really depends on the size and complexity of your business. It can range from weeks to months depending on the scope of the project. To get a rough idea of how long the process may take for your organisation, speak to one of our workplace consultants. Our team are on hand to provide the advice you need. 

It depends on many factors – your office location,  the size of your space, what you’re wanting to achieve etc. Our workplace consultants can help you define your budget in line with your objectives. We will always be honest and open with you about what is realistic within your budget.