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At ADT Workplace, we pride ourselves on creating inspiring and functional workspaces. Our recent project, in partnership with the London College of Accountancy and the University of Bolton, showcases our commitment to excellence and innovative design solutions at the Bruntwood SciTech’s Base Building in Manchester Science Park. This case study highlights our comprehensive approach to transforming the university’s facilities, ensuring a modern and dynamic environment for students and staff.


Project Overview

The University of Bolton, in collaboration with the London College of Accountancy, approached ADT Workplace with the objective of revitalising their campus spaces at the Bruntwood SciTech Base Building. They sought a transformation that would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also improve functionality and sustainability. The project encompassed 26,000 sq.ft of various areas, including the library, classrooms, common areas, and welcome areas. The entire project was completed within 14 weeks.
university of bolton breakout space by ADT Workplace

Key Challenges

Our team faced several challenges during this project. The primary challenge was to complete the renovation within the limited timeframe of the university’s academic calendar. Additionally, we needed to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing activities while maintaining high standards of safety and quality.
reception design for university of bolton education

Innovative Solutions

To address these challenges, we employed a phased approach, allowing us to work efficiently without disrupting the university’s schedule. We utilised sustainable materials and energy-efficient solutions to align with the University of Bolton’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Welcome Area:

Visitors arrive into the reception area, a warm, welcoming, and familiar space that encourages users to explore intuitively. A mixture of soft seating areas for both solo and group working, as well as dedicated desks, surround a large open reception counter, ensuring visibility throughout. Multifunctional breakout zones are also located throughout both floors, with circular features intrinsic to the design to encourage connection, community, and conversation between students.


We redesigned classrooms to promote better engagement and learning. This included ergonomic seating, advanced AV equipment, and improved acoustics.


Central to all university spaces is the library, which provides students with a dedicated area for focused, quiet work. This space promotes a calm feel through the use of materials, lighting zones, and ergonomic furniture, and has also been designed with future generations in mind by supporting students through a digital library.

Common Areas:

Our design for common areas focused on creating welcoming and versatile spaces. We incorporated flexible furniture and vibrant colours to foster collaboration and relaxation.

Example of an office using design for educational facilities.
University design and build by ADT Workplace

Project Outcomes

The transformation of the University of Bolton’s facilities has been highly successful. Feedback from students and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting improvements in both aesthetics and functionality.

Enhanced Learning Environment:

The redesigned classrooms have significantly improved the learning experience. Students benefit from a more engaging and comfortable setting.

Increased Collaboration:

The new common areas have become hubs of activity, encouraging interaction and collaboration among students and staff.

Boosted Productivity:

The revamped library and welcome areas have streamlined operations, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

University of Bolton office design by ADT Workplace
modern lecture theatre design university of Bolton


The University of Bolton project exemplifies ADT Workplace’s dedication to delivering exceptional workplace transformations. Our strategic approach, combined with innovative design and sustainable practices, ensures that we create environments that inspire and function at the highest level.

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