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Supporting a healthier lifestyle through a human-centred approach to the creation of intelligent workplaces.

ADT Wellspace is a set of eight principles which are integral to our design process and ultimately, help businesses create inspiring, unique and intelligent environments which support the health and wellbeing of employees.

Applying our Wellspace principles at the design and scoping stage of a project will not only help you create a truly healthy workplace environment for your people, but will also deliver real business benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity, concentration and memory retention
  • Better collaboration, creativity and innovation
  • More energy and motivation
  • Enhanced comfort and fewer distractions
  • Less absenteeism
  • Improved talent attraction and retention
  • Increased sustainability credentials and reduced life cycle cost


of employees globally report a struggle with wellbeing.

Interface – WELL building standard

Our eight Wellspace principles

Slide Understanding the behaviour of those who will use a space is integral to creating an intelligent and effective workplace.

Our Wellspace user-centric principle is a process that looks in-depth at the wants, needs and aspirations of your people, and aligns this with your business’ objectives/requirements.
Slide Today’s hybrid working environment combining time at home and in the office, means you need to provide your people with more than just a workplace.

You need to create a sense of belonging and comfort, as well as offer an atmosphere which fosters connection, collaboration and innovation between teams and colleagues.

Our team will help you create a memorable experience for employees and visitors, from the moment they enter the space to the moment they leave.
Slide Assessing the life cycle costs and sustainability of the products we use to create your workplace helps balance the planet, people and profit to deliver long-term benefits.

Our team will consider your current or potential space and provide advice and guidance on possible sustainable and energy efficient choices you could make, appropriate to your budget.
Life Cycle
Slide One of our key objectives when designing a workplace considers how we can add benefit to your people’s mental and physical wellbeing in their day to day working lives, by ensuring the environment is healthy with the correct fresh air, ventilation and lighting.

Design choices we make will actively improve your people’s experience, consequently positively impacting on their productivity and business performance.
Mental & Physical
Slide The quality of air around us directly impacts our health and wellbeing, so excellent ventilation should be high on the priorities list when it comes to creating your healthy workplace. Studies also show that good air quality in a workplace can improve productivity and increase alertness among your people.

Our technical services department is continuously driving innovation through the latest mechanical solutions. Working together with our design teams, we will suggest a ventilation design strategy tailored to your people and work settings.
Air Quality
Slide Natural light is important to our physical and mental health. Research also shows that people need regular exposure to natural light to balance their circadian rhythm, which keeps moods and behaviour in check.

Lighting in a workplace also impacts productivity, with people requiring different types of light depending on the task in hand.

Our design team, with the support of the technical services department will ensure the lighting design considers the placement of your workplace settings, the various options available, energy efficiency and controllability, to ensure appropriate lighting is delivered in all areas of your office.
Natural Light
Slide Creating a workplace which considers the impact of acoustics is key.

From having somewhere private to make calls or hold confidential meetings, to being able to work collaboratively as a team or finding places to relax, designing a space which accounts for all of the team’s different needs is fundamental to not only productivity but also your people’s mental health and wellbeing, and ultimately long term business success.

By considering all of the above, our team will provide you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to creating optimum acoustical comfort in your workplace.
Slide Temperature Getting the temperature right in your workplace is important, with thermal comfort ranked as one of the highest contributing factors influencing overall satisfaction in buildings.

Thermal comfort can be a tricky box to tick for organisations though, as the ideal temperature is subjective to each individual employee.

We will work with you to create a workplace which provides flexibility and choice, allowing your team to take control of their own environment in order to improve not just health and wellbeing but enhance productivity as well.

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