Our MD, David Clemetson recently wrote a contribution for Saint-Gobain’s MultiComfort hub discussing the role of workplace design in optimising comfort for employees. Here’s a short extract of what he had to say…

Overwhelming evidence demonstrates that office design impacts the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants. But designing a great place to work is not all about having a space with quirky design features, flexible working areas or places to relax. Of course these are all important, but in isolation and without careful consideration, these kind of features will only provide short term benefits for both the employees and the business.

An intelligent workplace is one which connects four key factors; people, processes, IT platform and property, in order to create a space which not only provides comfort and improves wellbeing for its users but is also fit-for-purpose and helps a business improve its bottom line. From selecting a suitable site, to stripping-out and preparing the property, to designing and fitting-out the new space, including the specification of all M&E and technology, through to furniture selection, colour palettes, and fixtures and fittings, all factors must be aligned to provide true comfort.

To read more, head over to: https://saint-gobain.co.uk

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