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Business change

Change in your office design requirements could be driven by expansion, acquisition or consolidation. We can help you understand what this means for your business and navigate you through this process, so you can attract and retain the very best people, improve collaboration and innovation, inspire creativity, or introduce new ways of working. By investing time in truly understanding your business and engaging with your team, our workplace consultants will be able to create an intelligent workplace design strategy for you, which considers and connects the things that matter: your people, your processes, your technology platforms and your property.

"It was a pleasure to work with ADT Workplace who took an ethical and sustainable approach to the entire project, aligning with our brand and the features of the building.”

Phil Nevin, Co-founder and COO at x+why.

We help to deliver change by connecting the things that matter

Slide People Your people are your greatest asset. As a 100% employee owned business, at ADT Workplace we understand this more than most. Our workplace design team will focus on identifying their needs within your business process. Through strategic management meetings to team workshops, the earlier you engage and the greater the investment of time, the stronger the solution will be. By creating an inspiring environment which has been designed around their needs, you will not only improve their wellbeing, but also attract and retain the best people too, supporting your business growth whilst reducing HR costs. Slide Process A new office relocation or refurbishment is your opportunity to capture the change happening in your business and consider any new processes needed, as well as review the current processes. By connecting your operational business needs with the way your people work, our design team are able to advise on appropriate layouts and work settings which will address your business needs for today and look forward, to capture future change during the lease period of the offices you have committed to. Slide Technology platform Understanding your technology and communications strategy’s is an important part of our process. An intelligent workplace will integrate technology to align with your people and processes, helping the team to do their job effectively as well as future-proofing the business. We are comfortable working with client incumbent specialists or we can recommend trusted partners who we work with regularly to ensure that your IT and audio-visual solutions are carefully considered and incorporated appropriately in to your workplace design. Slide Property Whether you are moving into a new property or refurbishing an existing office, providing your team with the correct natural light, fresh air and localised temperature control is is crucial for their wellbeing and to maximise their productivity. Every building has its own specification of services. We need to clearly understand what these are, how they work and what challenges or opportunity they will offer the design for your new offices. Your ADT Workplace commercial lead will be technically skilled in managing the coordination of our proposed design and the building's services, to ensure you maximise the success of your investment.

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