ADT Workplace has launched ADT Wellspace, an innovative step-by-step process developed to help organisations create workplaces which support a healthier lifestyle, while driving business success.

Developed over time utilising our extensive industry knowledge and experience as well as academic research, ADT Wellspace is a set of eight fundamental principles covering a range of emotional and physical factors from user-centricity and experience, to air quality and acoustics. Applying our Wellspace principles at the design and scoping stage of a project will not only help businesses create a truly healthy workplace environment for their people, but also deliver genuine business benefits, from increased productivity, better collaboration, and creativity through to less absenteeism, improved talent attraction and retention, and enhanced energy efficiency.

David Clemetson, co-founder of ADT Workplace said: “Following a year when health and wellbeing has been thrown even more into the spotlight, we have been presented with an accelerant of cultural change, which has identified a shift in people’s expectations of the workplace, with much more emphasis being placed on our physical and mental health.

“When speaking and working with our clients recently we have found that while many are aware they need to address this issue, there is knowledge gap in how they can go about it. The introduction of ADT Wellspace is a way of working which will support businesses with this, and guide and advise them on the, often small, changes they need to make in order to provide a truly healthy workplace environment for their people.“

For further information on ADT Workplace or to request a copy of the ADT Wellspace brochure, please email or call 0161 6550290 and one of our consultants will be happy to help.

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